Reg and Lellow


ESL Printables

Some great teacher produced resources here, worksheets, exercises and more. Also there's a great forum and community of teachers using and creating the material.

FREE Printables for Teachers

This website is definitely worth a look for free printables, maths worksheets, coloring pages, clipart, lessons, stories and games.

Inanimate Alice

A project I'm involved with at the moment is Inanimate Alice, which you will find at:

These are text based electronic stories, suitable for older students of English, so if any of you are teaching higher primary levels or secondary, I would recommend a look. Each episode follows Alice through an adventure, with numerous possibilities for the student to interact with the text. These stories are especially good when each student or pair of students can sit at their own computer terminal. At the moment we are working on some graded EFL versions (paper based and electronic) of the existing episodes - so watch this space!


Teaching Ideas and Teaching News

Another couple of lovely sites are to be found at: and If you go to Teaching Ideas and click on Early Years, then Early Years Display  you'll see some quite inspiring wall and classroom displays. Over on the left you can choose to view them as a slideshow. Look out for Down in the Jungle, Colour Mixes, Kyffin Williams, Jungle Roleplay and Living Rainforest - some of my personal favourites.

From the Teaching News home page, try Links and then Recommended Sites. If you scroll down to the posting for the 02 November, Fireworks!, you'll find some great interactive fireworks that kept me entertained for rather longer than perhaps they should!  Some of the Featured Articles also really get one thinking about where teaching could go.


If you go to: you'll find some really nice activities and materials. There are dozens of CD's and resource packs to order but there is also a great selection of free material including talking stories that you can play to your class and some wonderful downloadable flashcards. My own favourites are 'Where's baby monkey?' and the bugs picture book, as well as a lively TPR disco warm up. You'll find all of these in the 'Basics' section of the site.