Reg and Lellow


Extra Materials!

Reg and Lellow is very much an ongoing thing, so I'll be posting additional materials here throughout the year - so please do keep coming back!

Stage Directions for Balloon/Template/Flashcard Actors

Colourable Templates for Acting

Printable Mini-Pictures for 'Pencil Play'

Original Concept Drawings for Quick Sketch Boardwork

Picture Dictation

Flashcards for 'Ready?' Interactive Classroom Activity

In some of the sessions (see 'Photos' we have used balloons, but I know that these can present practical difficulties (ie The teacher will have to blow them up.  Some kids are afraid of them. Some schools do not allow them.)Therefore here are two sets of flashcards that can be used for the same activity. I would suggest laminating these so you can reuse them.


Small  Flashcard Set for 'Ready?'

Large Flashcard Set for 'Ready?'

Demonstration PowerPoint for Classroom Plasticene Project

Plasticene Version of Sookles


This is a slightly larger file than the regular stories (about 15MB) so it might take a couple of minutes to download to your computer. The good thing about this one though is that it's the full story, complete with text, so you can show it to your class before starting a similar project together and they'll know 'where it's all headed'.


I'll be posting some more ideas for this on the activity itself in the Teachers' Notes section.